Black Friday 2017 Etsy Sale

Howdy all. I’m going to keep this post short because time is something I’m a little short on these days – at least until after the Holidays are over.

The sales on my store have really ramped up over the past month, and I’m quite literally filling up my mailbox all the way to the back with 4x4x4 boxes almost every day (I’m sure my mail carrier just LOVES me). I’ve been trying to stay on top of getting orders out asap, while recreating items I’ve run out of, while also trying to fit in the time to still create new things. (WTB more time in a day pls.) Thankfully I started making ornaments back in the spring, so hopefully I won’t run out of too many things. Either way, I’ll find out soon enough! Every holiday season tests me further to the limits and brings on a whole new learning experience, and as crazy as it is, I LOVE IT.

Anyway, let’s get on with the whole point of this post, shall we?

This year I’ll finally be participating in etsy’s Black Friday sale. Over half of the items in my store will be marked down for 24 hours starting at 12:00am on Friday November 24. Most items marked down will be anywhere from 10 – 25% off, with a few marked down to 40% off. Everything you see on the little advertisement I made above will be included in the sale. I’ll also have dice ornaments (d6 AND d20 ornaments), Warcraft ornaments, various polymer clay necklaces & dice necklaces, keychains, and almost all of my bottle necklaces will be marked down. Some items included in the sale I have multiple of available, but a good portion of them are single items – once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Until next time, stay well and enjoy the eggnog!

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