Polymer Clay Jewelry Care

Your jewelry/sculpture is made out of oven-baked polymer clay and should be treated gently and with care. Polymer clay is not brittle and for the most part it is actually quite durable, however items with thin details could be compromised if you aren’t careful.

*These items are not meant for small children*

You should store your jewelry/sculpture in a place where it will not accumulate dust, and out of direct sunlight. If you do need to clean it however, you can simply brush dust away with a soft brush (like a small paint brush). A small brush with soft bristles often works great to get dust out of small areas with lots of details. Large, smooth areas can be gently wiped with a damp cloth.

Do not use any cleaning products on your clay piece – ONLY WATER!

For jewelry and ornaments: Please avoid knocking them against any hard surfaces, and be especially careful of any small parts sticking out – if caught on clothing and jerked the wrong way with enough force those areas could snap.

The glaze coating is not scratch resistant. Do not keep jewelry items in a pocket or purse with coins, keys and other sharpish things that can do damage. The same goes for Holiday ornaments – be sure to store them in a way where they won’t be rubbing against other hard items (or under anything heavy).

With proper care your new piece of jewelry/sculpture should last a very long time. 🙂