Silver Dragon Creations is the culmination of a lifetime passion for various types of art with a dash of a love for writing thrown in. This all started as an etsy store in October of 2013 with just a couple of items, and has now grown into something much larger. With inspiration taken from the world of gaming, fantasy, geek culture and other things I love and enjoy – you never know what you’ll see next, but it’s sure to be interesting!

Nearly everything I create (minus my bottle jewelry) is made out of high quality polymer clay. I don’t use any molds for my work, so each clay piece is 100% carefully hand crafted by me and totally unique. My main focus recently has been on small jewelry and Christmas ornaments. I occasionally work on larger sculptures as well (when i can find the time).

About Me:

I’m a RL Shaman!

I’m Jess, or as most people know me online – Euphyley. I’m a polymer clay artist from Vermont that dabbles in various forms of crafting and occasionally drawing/digital art.

I’ve been working with polymer clay since grade school (with several years off in high school/college). I picked up my clay again a few years ago after my daughter was born as a way to care for her at home while still contributing financially toward my family. When I’m not changing dirty diapers or cleaning pizza off the wall, I find working with polymer clay a great way to relax and clear my head.

I’ve pretty much been one of those ‘artsy’ types as far back as I can remember. Whether it was drawing, painting, sculpting, crafting, whatever – you could always catch me doing something under the ‘art’ dome at some point in my life. When I was in grade school I used to make dream catchers and sell them in my mother’s beauty salon. My very first job when I was 15 years old was an Art Director at a summer camp for children ranging ages 4 – 15. At one point in college I was even planning to major in graphic design, but ultimately decided to change it to business; mainly because of the whole starving artist stereotype.

Although I do not hold a professional art degree (I’ve got a B.S. in Business), I did take many undergrad classes in the arts including sculpture, ceramics, drawing and painting. The rest of what I’ve learned in the art world has come from close friends who are also artists, YouTube, trial and error and good old-fashioned learning by doing!

Every new project I take on is another opportunity to learn something new and grow as an artist. Commissions are a great way for me to have to think outside the box, unfortunately time constraints don’t allow me to take on as many as I like. Next year when my daughter starts school I will likely be able to take on more than I can now.

When I’m not running around putting out fires caused by my children (I have a 2 and 4 year old), or working with clay I enjoy a wide variety of hobbies. I especially love getting lost in a good book with a glass of red wine. High fantasy, sci-fi and horror novels are my loves. I’m currently on book two of The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson – if you love fantasy and haven’t read these yet, you should. I also enjoy skiing & snowboarding, hiking and camping.

I feel I should mention this somewhere, so it may as well be here: Pugs are the best dog breed.

Don’t mess with me and my pug!