Wowhead Feature, Holiday Prep and General Update

Wow, where do I even start this post? So much has happened over the last few weeks. Between this site going live, being featured on Wowhead (Wowhead Artist’s Corner and Giveaway – Euphyley), trying to prepare for the holidays and responding to the flurry of new inquiries over the last couple of days – it’s been a wild October.

Wowhead Feature and Website:

I guess I’ll just start off on the Wowhead feature. I was completely blown out of the water when I was asked if I’d do it. I’m not just a WoW addict, I’m a Wowhead addict as well. It’s the #1 most visited site that pops up on my browser. I check out the WoW related news on there pretty much daily, comment frequently, love submitting screenshots and of course participating in their awesome scavenger hunts. Being featured on what is essentially my favorite website was just the biggest honor I could imagine.

Wowhead Rocket Necklace – Check out the Article on Wowhead for a Chance to Win it!

I was asked to get everything ready for the feature a few weeks ago, and I’m not gonna lie – not screaming it out to the world the moment I was asked was pretty difficult. Instead, I realized I needed to focus on my website which was not yet finished. You see, I purchased this domain name a few months ago, but got a bit frustrated with some of the behind-the-scenes technical stuff (I’m not the most computer savvy person). Basically, I had pushed the website to the side instead of focusing on it and finishing, and chose to start new clay projects instead. However, knowing I’d be featured on Wowhead was a great excuse to button down and finally figure this out and GET IT DONE! The whole end of September and beginning of October I spent pretty much every waking moment watching Youtube videos and reading articles on how to figure out some of this website stuff. You want to know how long it took me to figure out how to change the color of one simple little button to match the rest of my site? You’d probably think I was studying theoretical physics if I told you the real answer…

Anyway, you can thank Wowhead for this site being more or less completed (minus the shop section). Without that extra push this site probably still wouldn’t be live.

Commissions and Sculpting News:

Of course due to the feature, I’ve been getting a lot of new traffic from people who are hearing about my art for the first time (HELLO AND WELCOME NEW FOLLOWERS!). This means I’ve been getting a lot more private inquiries from people wanting to know if the things they’ve seen on Wowhead will be available on my store, if I can fill private orders for similar items, if I can do special orders, etc. The gist is this: I am not taking on any special orders/commissions before the holidays. Any time I can find to craft is reserved for stocking up on ornaments and the occasional personal art. I will be opening up for commissions after the holidays (January 2018). You can keep an eye on my commission page and my Twitter for future announcements regarding commissions.

I WILL be listing a few of the small sculptures that were featured (Tauren unicorn, Nightmare Treant, etc.) within the next few days. I’ve had a lot of people ask me if I’ll be doing more Pepe Christmas Ornaments and murloc earrings – the answer is yes. Both are time consuming to create though (relative to the time I have to craft), so there will not be many available. Again, I will announce on Twitter when I have more listed. I’ll probably be doing a holiday giveaway of some sort on Twitter as well. (Twitter is my preferred social media site fyi, it is the best place to follow me for news and announcements.)

More Dice Dragons Coming Soon *RAWR*

In sculpting news, I’ve been working on a lot of ornaments recently. Elemental ornaments, dice ornaments, you name it, I’m trying to have enough ready for the holidays. Every year I never seem to have enough available – this year… this year will be the one I’m actually prepared (crosses fingers). I also ran out of dice dragons on the shop, so I’m working on a few more and should have those up shortly. Oh, I almost forgot – Christmas themed dragon ornaments! I will be doing those again this year. I will have some listed….soon.

D6 Ornaments with Wizard Hats

Finally, I’ve had a few people already ask me if I could offer some sort of a discount for purchases of multiple dice ornaments. The answer is yes. I will have a few different listings of various dice types (d6, d10, d12 and d20’s) where a discount is offered for purchasing multiple ornaments. These will all be very similar (and nearly identical in color) with pearly green dice and red wizard hats with holly and berry accents (see picture on the right). There will be two different price breaks (at three ornaments, and another at five). Here is the first listing of this type here: D6 Ornament with Wizard Hat. More to follow shortly!


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