Where this Ship Came from, Where it’s Heading

Well hello there world. I guess I’ll start off my very first blog post by telling you why this website has been created and where I see it going. Here goes nothin’!

I’ve been all over the internet for a while now, sharing my work on a variety of social media platforms – twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblr, deviantArt, you name it. Although I do enjoy those platforms (and will continue to use them), not any one single platform could do everything I envisioned for my growing hobby (turned business). Ultimately I figured it was about time I just have everything all neatly in one place. That place is here, Silver Dragon Creations.

Why the name Silver Dragon Creations? Well I’m glad you asked! If any of you remember me from Blogger, you’ll know that I’ve always been quite the lover of hunting down rare spawns in World of Warcraft. I enjoyed that aspect of the game so much that I dedicated an entire blog to writing about my experiences hunting them down and putting together guides to help others do the same. Well in World of Warcraft, rare spawns are known for their silver dragon portraits, that identify them as such. The name Silver Dragon Creations is essentially a nod at where I came from, a wink to all the Warcraft players out there, and a subtle way of saying that what you’re getting from me is indeed rare. Oh, and I also make actual dragons, so there’s that too…

Pearly White Dice Dragon

So anyway, back to what’ll be happenin’ around these here parts:

I’ll be maintaining a gallery, which I have added many of my previous works to, and I will be updating it as I create new things. I also plan on using the blog portion of this website to discuss new ideas, projects I’m working on, and maybe even a few peeks behind the scenes and how-to tutorial guides. On top of that I will keep a commission page up to date for those looking to commission me in the future – when I plan on opening slots I will announce it there ahead of time. I will likely add a nifty commission form on there as well.

One of the biggest changes to come will be to my actual store. In the top menu my ‘Store’ currently directs you toward my etsy store. Eventually the store link will link to my own store right here on silverdragoncreations.com.


TL;DR: This is going to be your one stop shop to see all of my work, finished and unfinished.

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