D20 Necklaces! Dice dragons, Chibi Cthulhu, Magic Hats & More; I have many styles and colors available. *Psssst* These look great hanging from a rear-view mirror.

Tons of new norse rune earrings & matching necklaces were just added to the store. There are many runes and colors available!

Check out my D20 dice ornaments! I have a lot of styles and color combinations to choose from!

Drink and Cocktail Elementals - the most important elements.

Interested in commissioning me for something totally unique? Check out my commission page to see if I'm currently open.

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Welcome to Silver Dragon Creations!

This website has been created as an easy way for those interested in my work to see everything going on in one place. Previous works, current projects, updated commission information, maybe even some behind-the-scenes and how-to-guides will be neatly kept here. I’ve been too spread out over various forms of social media lately – if you want to be up to date with what I’m working on THIS is the place to check first (and twitter).

I’ve created a simple gallery of my previous work. This will be the most complete place to view what I’ve created in the past (and will continue to create into the future). I’ll be keeping a commission page up to date with information on when I’ll be opening up a few slots. I’ve also been working on a whole new store that will eventually be available right here on this website. I don’t plan on moving off of etsy completely, but many items currently available there will be moved over here in the future.

Finally, I want to say a huge THANK YOU for visiting. Simply having you here and reading this means more to me than you could know. It warms my heart knowing that people find joy in my work – even if it’s just to see what quirky thing I’ve created last. To anyone who follows me on social media, shares my creations or has ever purchased from me in the past – you guys are my lifeblood, and I truly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wouldn’t be here without you. <3

So have a look around, stay a while, and enjoy!